Friday Fun - Sunday Morning - Breakfast vs. Brunch

Welcome to the summer! It's finally here, after the long, dull spring we all had to endure. Now, Sunday mornings are pretty near the top of my "Favorite Times of the Week" list (Friday happy hour takes the number one spot). My Sunday mornings have become a ritual in my house.

Step one: Wake up. 
Step two: Get coffee. 
Step three: Watch CBS Sunday Morning.
Step four: Go out for brunch.

One Sunday a couple of months ago, these was a story done by Mo Rocca about the competition for morning meals: Breakfast vs. Brunch. Now, obviously I am a bit biased, and you are probably too, but I thought this would be a great Friday Fun video to show. Enjoy!

(Oh yeah, CBS doesn't allow embedding of their YouTube content on other sites, so click on the video screen below to go visit it on YouTube.)