Sheridans - Modern Cafe, Awesome Brunch

One fall Sunday morning, Andrew and I were trying to figure out where to check out for brunch. Since starting the blog, we have been to many places in and around downtown. However, we had not tried any places south of the city. Looking at "The List" of places that readers of this blog have suggested to review, we decided to check out Sheridan's in Cudahy.

Since neither Andrew and I are familiar with Cudahy, we broke out the GPS and plugged in the address for the restaurant. We were too busy looking around at the nice houses and beautiful park, that we completely missed the parking lot for Sheridan's (completely my fault). This beautiful boutique hotel restaurant sits on the west side of the street (with parking to the south).

We walked in and were greeted by the hostess and a cute cafe style restaurant. On the wall opposite us sat a beautiful wine bar, which I am sure is a great place to catch a happy hour drink during the week. We were immediately sat in the next room where the wall is lined with a large bench. Andrew and I were seated in the corner and looked over the menu.

Our server Melanie came over and asked for our drink order. Andrew ordered a bloody mary ($7) and coffee ($2.25). He loved the bloody—just the right amount of spice, heat and flavor. The add-ons were good—mushroom, olive, onion, pickle, lemon and lime—but would have been even better with a cheese and/or beef stick. I ordered my usual, mimosa ($7), coffee and water. I was surprised to see the size of the mimosa. It wasn't a huge drink, but for mimosa standards it was larger than normal (extra points in my book).

We breezed over the large brunch menu and decided on our entrees. Andrew chose the Eggs Sheridan ($10). This dish is a cross between a traditional Eggs Benedict and a Florentine Benedict. Two poached eggs are perched upon a toasted baguette with wilted spinach and baked ham hidden between them. Topped with an amazing Hollandaise sauce, this dish had me salivating from across the table. The sauce was a perfect blend of rich, creamy butter with the zing of lemon that you want with a great Benedict. The ham and spinach were also tasted very good. The breakfast potatoes that were on the side were lightly salted and sprinkled with rosemary. What more would you want with this incredible brunch dish?!

When I was looking over the menu, one item stuck out to me—Prime Rib Omelette ($12). Just from the description, I knew this dish could be one of my favorite brunch items in the city. When the plate was delivered to our table, I was shocked by the size of this omelette. This three egg entree takes chunks of prime rib, chopped mushrooms, shallots and pepper jack cheese and created one of the best egg dishes in the city. But that is not all, it is slathered in the same amazing Hollandaise sauce that Andrew enjoyed on his Benedict. Served with a side of the same delicious breakfast potatoes and a choice of toast (I got rye), this omelette is simply spectacular.

If you enjoy a large brunch line-up (salads and sandwiches included) and want to check out a new restaurant, place Sheridan's at the top of your list. This south side secret is simply stunning. The upscale cafe atmosphere is welcoming along with the service. I cannot get over the size of the mimosa nor of my omelette. If this quick review takes an accurate snapshot of Sheridan's, expect a great midday meal. With a parking lot across the street, and a price of around $20 per person (with drinks), I highly recommend checking out Sheridan's soon for brunch!

Until next time, hope you have a great week and look forward to seeing you next weekend morning!

What have been your experiences at Sheridan's? What are some other good entrees? Respond below in the comments or suggest other places for me to try around Milwaukee!

All the details you want to know: (on a five star rating)

Sheridans (*****)
5133 S. Lake Drive
Cudahy, WI 53110 (414) 747-9800
Sheridan's on Urbanspoon

Brunch hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Atmosphere: ***** (awesome)
Bright, modern cafe with lots of natural light and Cream City brick.

Food: ***** (awesome)
Large portions, large selection and great breakfast potatoes

Service: ***** (awesome)
Friendly, honest and knowledgeable of menu items

Drinks: ***** (awesome)
Mimosa - ***** (very good, a little too much pulp for me)
Bloody Mary - ***** (nice blend of flavor and spice)

Price: ***** (awesome)
Around $20 a person that will leave you full and wanting to come back again.
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