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Back in March my parents came into town, and the first thing my mom wanted to know was "where are we going for brunch this time?" coming from the Northwoods, she and my dad enjoy coming to Milwaukee to brunch with me and try out new places. I did not want to disappoint them, so we ventured out on a cold, rainy Sunday morning to The Eatery on Farwell. Advertising brunch served everyday, I thought this would be great place to visit. (The photo featured is from Another great food blog that suggested I go to this restaurant to check out their brunch. I highly recommend checking out their blog and reviews. Their photography is amazing, and their posts are very in depth!)

I had been to the building which currently houses The Eatery when it was two different restaurants by other names. I always remembered the odd parking situation on the north side of the building. However when I drove past trying to find a paring spot, I noticed that the once severly angled parking lot was now a gorgeous patio! Unfortunately, that meant we had to circle the blocks in the neighborhood to find a parking spot. I should have known "on Farwell"  is synonymous with "street parking." Heading south on Farwell, The Eatery sits on the left hand side of the street. Upon entering the space, you are treated by a kind hostess, large wooden bench and many historical photos of the City of Milwaukee. Off to the right hand side of the restaurant is a large, old-time looking bar. To the left was the dining room with tile floors, wooden tables and large windows looking out over the street.

We took our seats and our server, Marie, came over and explained to us the specials of the day. However, because of the space, it was very hard to hear her, and I was sitting right next to her. My mom ordered a great toddy ($7). This hot tea drink has brandy for that brunch beverage kick and a little honey as well for sweetness. The drink was a great way to warm up on such a dreary day. Andrew ordered a bloody mary ($7.50), and thought the add-ins were overflowing, the drink wasn't that spicy. In ordered my usual: coffee ($2.25), water and mimosa ($7). The mimosa was good— to no pulp and sweet. My dad just ordered a coffee. We ordered our food soon thereafter.

My dad ordered the Mac and Cheese ($8) and a cup of Andouille Chicken Chili ($3) to be delivered to the table first (not pictured). The chicken chili was very good. The spiciness of the andouille was cut by the creaminess of the chili. The flavors gave me a nice warm feeling—exactly what I needed for such a dreary day. The mac and cheese was served on a large place. The cheese was rich and flavorful, and we really don't remember the three different types of cheeses used, but they were very good. I took one quick bite before my dad took the plate back to enjoy this all for himself.

My mom and Andrew ordered the special of the day, Short Rib Benedict ($10.50). This plate looked amazing when it was brought out to the table. Sitting on home-made English muffins, the short ribs were like butter. They melted in my mouth when I was able to grab a bite . The poached eggs were covered on hollandaise and barbecue sauces. This flavor combination was very unique. However, I was not a fan of the plate, because I really do not care for barbecue all that much. Andrew and my mom did like the flavors though. They did also say that they would have liked a little more potatoes on the side.

I looked over the menu and decided upon The Eatery Classic ($8.50). I mean if the dish has the name of the restaurant, how can one go wrong. It is two grill-fried pork chops covered in presto and served with two basted eggs, potatoes and two pieces of toast. The plate looked very appetizing when it was presented. But, once I picked up my fork and tried to figure out how to eat the dish, things became a little more complicated. I didn't really know where to start. Each item was separate from each other. Do I start with the pesto pork chops and the eggs? Wait for the eggs after the pork chops? It was just a little overwhelming. I decided to take it one at a time, starting with the pork chops. The flavor of the pork and pesto were truthfully stupendous. I could not get enough of them, but once they were gone, I was stuck eating the eggs with toast and potatoes with ketchup. 

Overall it was a great to spend time with my parents and Andrew. However, the restaurant itself was rather noisy and with our server being so quiet, it was hard to truly enjoy our surroundings. Also, we all noticed the menu lacking a large brunch entree variety. Other than the special, there are no benedicts!  Although The Eatery markets itself as serving brunch daily, their selection is only from small portion of their large menu. The somewhat lack of parking is understandable given the location, however for almost $20 a person, I would like to come back for a lunch or dinner to check out the full menu and atmosphere.

UPDATE: The Eatery on Farwell has launched a brand new menu with an expanded breakfast/brunch section. There are several benedicts on there. Also, they have secured a small parking lot just North of the building. I recently went back for another event, and these improvements really help! I would highly recommend going in and checking them out!

What have been your experiences at The Eatery on Farwell? What are some other good entrees? Respond below in the comments or suggest other places for me to try around Milwaukee!

All the details you want to know: (on a five star rating)

The Eatery on Farwell (***)
2014 N. Farwell
Milwaukee, WI  53202

(414) 220-1110
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Brunch hours:
Saturday and Sunday:  Starting at 9 a.m. 

Monday - Friday: Starting at 7 a.m.

Atmosphere: ** (ok)
Inviting and large, but noisy

Food: *** (pretty good)
Entrees are authentic and not like any other brunch in the city!

Service: ** (ok)
Our server was so shy, timid and quiet

Drinks: **** -  (pretty good)
Mimosa - **** (very good, a little too much pulp for me)
Bloody Mary - *** (great with the add-ins but needed more spice.)

Great Toddy - **** (a nice addition for a brunch beverage)

Price: ** (ok)
Nearly $20 per person is near the top of price points in the city, and we weren't sure the price was truly worth our experience.