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Search around the Third Ward and find Chili Lili's. This restaurant, named after the owner's mom, Lillian, shops locally when they can and are very fussy about what they put in their guest's food. According to their website, "our Chili is low in fat and high in protein, which means it’s good for you. Offering seven to twelve different types of meaty and vegetarian chilies, we are sure we will have a chili to please all palettes."
She was out with her husband and two friends. Here's how she described her experience.

Paul got the Menomonee Street Magma Chili with habanero cheese omlette ($9), which is pretty much what it sounds like—a plain egg omlette with chili inside. The omlettes came with hash browns, too.
Lori opted for the Texas steak chili and grits ($9), which I thought Nate would order (he's a sucker for grits!). It looked really good, and seemed like something different than you would find on a lot of brunch menus.
Nate ordered the breakfast burrito ($8.50). He originally wanted the southwest roasted corn chicken chili, but they didn't have it. So he got the buffalo chicken chili instead (think classic chicken wing flavor). The chili was wrapped in a huge tortilla with eggs, habanero cheese, onions and a trio of peppers, and came with hash browns. The burrito was really good (I think I liked this a bit better than what I ordered). I think the type of chili he ended up with really made it.
I ordered the omlette with vegetarian chili ($9), goat cheese (like Nate is a sucker for grits, I'm a sucker for goat cheese) and tomatoes. It was good, but it definitely needed some hot sauce to kick it up a bit (luckily, each table has a few bottles of different hot sauces). I wish it had had some more goat cheese, but there was just a bit crumbled at the top. I, too, had hash browns, which were nice and brown but a bit greasy.
Check out the full review on Nicole's blog. I know that I will be stopping in there soon to check it out myself!

What have been your experiences at Chili Lili's? What are some other good entrees? Respond below in the comments! 

All the details you want to know: (on a five star rating)

Chili Lili's (***½)
525 East Menomonee Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 897-0555
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Brunch hours:
Saturday and Sunday: beginning at 11 a.m.

Atmosphere: **½ (pretty good)
It's a cool place, love the windows and plenty of natural light.

Food: **½ (pretty good)

Service: **** (very good)

Drinks: **½ (pretty good)
Bloody Mary - **½ (pretty good)
Mimosa -  n/a (didn't try)

Price: **** (very good)
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