Stonefly Brewery - Come One, Come All

It's not very often that you will see me in the Riverwest neighborhood. No ill feelings—I just never make it there to check out that side of town. However, after several conversations with friends from the neighborhood and some followers on Twitter, I ventured to check out Stonefly Brewing Co. and their brunch. I had heard some good things about their food, especially since the Best Vegan/Vegetarian Brunch question a couple weeks a go. So, I called up my resident expert/vegetarian friend, Sara, planned an outing and got ready to experience this neighborhood brunch spot.

Driving through the Riverwest neighborhood is like driving through a time-capsule. There is so much history from every era of the city crammed within these blocks. It's obviously a great neighborhood for UWM students to live in, and there are some great stores, coffee shops and bars to check out. However, this outing was dedicated to Stonefly Brewing Company. Andrew came along with me on this brunch outing as well, and I have to say, it was very easy to find parking. Located on the southwest corner of Center and Fratney, Stonefly Brewing Company has a large, welcoming front door area. The entryway looks like it has it's arms open, about to embrace you as you walk into the space. And once you do step inside, it stepping from a small, intimate space to a large bar and dining area. Walking over to the bar, we met up with Sara and quickly grabbed a table by the window.

We caught up with each other, since we haven't seen each other for brunch in our outing at Transfer Pizzeria. We got some menus from our server, Jessica, and we ordered our drinks. Andrew and Sara each ordered a Stonefly Bloody ($7.50). The drinks were great. They had a nice mixture of flavor, heat and vodka. To make the bloody extra special, each drink was topped with pickled a carrot coin, green bean, mushroom, cauliflower, pickle and wedges of lemon and lime. Stonefly also provided their own lager beer as a chaser, and although the presentation in a pilsner glass was unique, the beer itself was a little watery. I decided to get my usual mimosa ($6), however I was tempted to get the Rise-N-Shine (which is the same from Ginger). My mimosa was good, however, the orange juice had a little too much pulp in to for me, and the champagne was too bitter. I think the drink just needed some more Triple Sec. To go along with all of our alcoholic drinks we each had a cup of Alterra coffee ($2).

Browsing over the menu, we made our orders. Sara decided on a Veggie Burger Bene ($9). These little burgers came out on nicely toasted English muffins. Sara and I agreed that the patties were hand made and cooked to perfection. Even better?! Sara asked that the Hollandaise sauce come in a separate cup, and it did with more than enough to drizzle, dunk or douse the entire plate with this rich, creamy, tangy sauce. Not being a huge fan of eggs, I love Hollandaise sauce, and this stuff was incredible. Served with a small side of hash browns, this dish was a great vegetarian option. On a side, looking over the menu, there are several items on there that either are or can be offered as vegetarian items. Anyone looking for a great spot for vegetarian brunch options, this is a place to check out.

Andrew ordered the Red Eye Burrito ($8). When this dish was delivered to the table, his jaw dropped. This monster of a burrito is served with a choice of bacon or smoked tofu and is stuffed with scrambled eggs, hash browns and sauteed onions. Using some of the house brew, a home-made beer cheese sauce is then drizzled over this massive flour-tortilla-wrapped brunch behemoth. And to top it all off, in case you think you couldn't possibly cram any more carbs on this plate, two pieces of toast are perilously perched on the edge of the plate. Andrew chowed down on this like a champ. I was able to get one taste in, and I have to say, it was really good. One of the top three burritos I have had for brunch in Milwaukee. I really want to get back here to have one of these for myself.

I decided upon a different type of brunch item. Something I have never seen on a menu before: Pulled Pork and Biscuits ($8.50). The menu described the biscuits to be home-made, however I think they may have come out of a package with a little white doughboy on the wrapper. They were flaky, pulled apart in nice little sheets and were delicious. The pork itself was coated in BBQ sauce and the additions of tomato slices helped balance the smokiness of the sauce. Served with two fried eggs on the side, this dish is not your typical brunch item, and while I am glad I tried it, I would love to try another interesting dish the next time I visit. Perhaps the Carrot Bread French Toast? Only if I have a huge sweet tooth, Jessica, our server, warned.

Stonefly Brewing Company is nestled into the neighborhood that clearly supports it. While sitting at the table, Andrew, Sara and I saw people walking their dogs, getting on the bus and even stepping out of the Audis with a fur coat on and stopping in for brunch. This place is that open and welcoming for all. No matter who you bring in, even your vegetarian friends will find plenty on this menu to sample. For around $17 per person, Stonefly Brewing Company is a great brunch option, wether it's Saturday or Sunday morning—they open at 10 a.m. each day. So, don't get stuck going to your same brunch spot this weekend. Instead check out some original items and welcoming atmosphere of Stonefly!

What have been your experiences at Stonefly Brewing Company? What are some other good entrees? Respond below in the comments!

All the details you want to know: (on a five star rating)

Stonefly Brewing Company (****½)
735 East Center Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 264-3630 
Stonefly Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

Brunch hours:
Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Atmosphere: **** (very good)
Large, open and inviting with huge windows and plenty of natural light.

Food: ***** (awesome)
Tons of options

Service: **** (very good)
Attentive, friendly and knowledgable 

Drinks: *** (pretty good)
Bloody Mary - **** (very good)
Mimosa - ** (ok)

Price: **** (very good)
A little more than $15 a person and with some different food items, it's worth the price.


Lo said...

Haven't been to Stonefly for brunch, but we were there for dinner just the other night -- and all I can say is AWESOME. I had some of the best mac & cheese ever, and the burgers got rave reviews. Definitely will be back, even if it's not my usual stomping grounds... totally worth the trip!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the review. It was awesome! FYI, I make those biscuits from scratch everyday and they are a pain in the butt, and well worth it.

Lo said...

Having now officially been to Stonefly for brunch, I can vouch. It's definitely one of the best in town. Order the huevos rancheros. You won't be sorry!

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