Coffee - How much is too much to pay?

Happy Friday morning! We have all made it through another work week, and the weekend will be here before we know it. Personally, I am really looking forward to weekends in October. They are always filled with fun times like apple picking at the Elegant Farmer, picking pumpkins from a roadside stand, Halloween parties and haunted houses. The best part is that you can really start to smell fall in the air. This month goes by quick (for me at least) so make sure you get out there and enjoy it before the snow falls.

On to the topic at hand: coffee. If God did not make coffee for us to enjoy, I would never be able to wake up. On Twitter this week, I saw one person put it best calling coffee, "day booze." It got me thinking about how much we pay for coffee.

Now I am not talking about specialty coffee drinks from Starbucks, Caribou, Stone Creek or Alterra (although the last one is my favorite). I am talking about the normal cup of joe that I usually have next to my mimosa and water on Sunday morning. Looking back over these past eight months, coffee prices vary from restaurant to restaurant.

On to this Friday's question: How much is too much to pay for a cup of coffee?

You can go to George Webb and get it for 99¢ or you can pay upwards of $2.99 for the same size cup. So, how much do you spend on a cup? Or does price even matter?

Let us know what your price point is in the comments below.

Have a great day and have an even better brunch this weekend!
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