Roots - A Foodie's Dream Brunch

On one of the last sunny warm Sunday mornings of summer, I wanted to go to one of the best patios in the city. I have been saving Roots for a great Sunday morning weather-wise, and I finally got my day. I made plans to meet up with my friend Katie Felten of MKELive, and we were off.

I have always thought Roots has an amazing menu. Their mantra of using locally-grown, fresh organic ingredients makes their ever-changing entrees amazing. There are times when I think I am being served a Food Network dish when the server brings my food out to me. Perched up on Brewer's Hill, Roots looks over the stunning skyline of Milwaukee. The patio off the main restaurant shows off the city in all it's beauty. I have been asked to check out Roots be several people on Twitter as well as other friends of mine, so I have was looking forward to this day for some time.

I met Katie after she was done at Bikram Yoga (which by the way is a great way to work off the brunch calories). I was sitting out on the patio when she arrived. We sat and talked while we waiting for our server to come to take our drink order. John finally came, and I ordered a coffee ($3), mimosa ($6) and water. Katie just wanted to stick with water after her 90 minute yoga session. My mimosa was very good. It almost completely filled the wine glass that it came in and was made from excellent orange juice. Not so much pulp and a wedge on the side, this drink was worth the price.

We quickly looked over our menus to decide what we wanted to eat. As a starter though, we did opt to try some muffins ($5). This mini muffins were unique combinations of flavors. Each were warm and homemade that day. Looking back at them, I am not sure exactly which muffin was which, but I remember the bacon and walnut muffin was my favorite. The flavors were excellent together. And to make the plate a little more extravagant, we have the pleasure of trying out tomato jam. Yes. Tomato jam. At first we were both hesitant to try this spread. Was it going to be like savory like tomato soup? Spice- and herb-laden like Italian sauce? Neither, it was sweet with a hint of cinnamon. It had the consistency of apple butter and was delicious.

After these little muffins were devoured, Katie and I enjoyed our meal. Katie ordered the daily omlette ($9). Made with fresh, locally-grown ingredients, this omelette is always a great item to order. This particular omelette of the day featured items all beginning with the letter P: Pumpkin seeds, pesto, pomodoro (tomatoes) as well as other ingredients. Served with the choice of toast or an English muffin and sausage, ham or bacon, Katie really enjoyed this omelette of the day. The creativity of the flavors were amazing she said. The egg was light and fluffy and cooked perfectly. Although, she would have liked sausage patties rather than links, the sausage was good too. Overall, it is always a good entree to order, since you are guaranteed to get the freshest ingredients as well as the most unique flavors in this brunch item.

I opted to try the Crab and Eggs ($12). This entree had a small crab cake with remoulade and two eggs any way. I chose to have mine poached. They were served some breakfast potatoes and a sweet corn salsa and toast. It was a great combination of items on the plate; I only wish it looked nicer when present to to me. It looked sloppily thrown together to get it out of the kitchen. The flavors were great together however, so the plate redeemed itself soon in the meal. However, for the price, I would have liked another crab cake or a larger patty.

Roots has an ideal location for spectacular city views. One hindrance is parking—the residential streets are narrow and easily congested with parked cars. If you are up for a little hike, think about parking down on Commerce and walking up the stairs to the entrance. The food is worth it. The creative combination of locally-grown items make any meal at Roots feel special. And at roughly $18 per person, the meal is on the higher end of brunches in Milwaukee, but worth it. If you want to make a great impression or show off the skyline of Milwaukee, have an incredible meal at Roots.

Until next time, hope you had a great weekend and happy brunching!

What have been your experiences at Roots? What are some other good entrees? Respond below in the comments!

All the details you want to know: (on a five star rating)

Roots Restaurant and Cellar (****)
1818 North Hubbard St
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 374-8480
Roots Restaurant & Cellar on Urbanspoon

Brunch hours:
Sunday: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Reservations are recommended)

Atmosphere: ***** (awesome)
Great patio and great views of the city skyline

Food: **** (very good)
Locally-grown, organic ingredients always make amazing food

Service: *** (pretty good)

Not the most attentive, but knowledgeable of the menu and specials.

Drinks: **** (pretty good)
Mimosa - **** (very good)
Bloody Mary - n/a (didn't try)

Price: *** (pretty good)
Around $18 a person making this one of the higher end brunches in the city