Favorite regular brunch spot, why?

I am bringing them back, the Friday Questions. There will probably be two a month now, since I feel that we have covered all the important questions last spring. But, you can always suggest a question to ask my readers in the comments of this post.

On to this Friday's question: What is your favorite brunch spot that you go to every weekend morning? What keeps drawing you back week after week? Is it the food? The server? The prices? The location?

I have to thank my mom for this question. Whenever I travel up to the Northwoods to visit my parents, I always love going to Champs diner. It just has some great memories, and the food is great! Plus, the prices can't be beat. She gave me the idea for this Friday Question on the Milwaukee Brunch Reviews Facebook Fan Page. Thanks, Mom!

I hope you enjoy the day and happy brunching this Labor Day weekend!
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