What is Your Favorite Brunch Spot?

With the summer months upon us, downtown Milwaukee will be overflowing with new people to the city. Outdoor concerts, cultural festivals or, my favorite, the fireworks, visitors will be able to partake in the wonderful richness of our city that we get to experience every day.

I know that I have my personal favorite brunch spots in this city, but I am really interested to hear where you frequent. This is the reason why I wanted to do the summer "guest reviews" to hear from you, my readers. However, if you thought that the pressure was too much to write an entire review, what about just a quick comment.

On to this Friday's Question: What is your favorite brunch spot and why? Is it the eggs benedict or the bloody mary? The city view or the cute server?

I want to know! I am figuring out where I need to go this summer, and I want your help!

So comment below, and I hope you are able to get out and brunch on a patio! Looks like it's going to be a good one. Until Monday, enjoying the weekend and happy brunching.
Willing to go?