Where is Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary?

One  of the highlights of any brunch, as any good citizen of Milwaukee will attest to, is the  quality of the restaurant's bloody mary or mimosa. Let’s be honest, this is mainly  the point of brunch in this city. What better way to shake off the baggage  (or hangover) from the night before than to have one of these great morning  drinks? A follower on Twitter once told me, “If there is no booze, it’s just breakfast.” Personally, as you know, I must have a glass of water, a cup of coffee  and a mimosa in front of me before I even think about ordering. However, several of my  friends will only frequent certain restaurants only because they love the "bloodies."

On to this Friday's Question: Where is Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary? Where do you go to get your fix on Saturday or Sunday morning?

Other, more prominent websites have created their own lists, namely OnMilwaukee.com or JSOnline, but I wanted to see what you, my readers felt.

Let me know which is the best based on spice, heat and flavor in the comments below. Have a great weekend, enjoy the weather and happy brunching!

Thanks to @P_Fred for helping me come up with today's question. You should follow him on Twitter, if you aren't already.
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