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I have been having some great conversations with different people on Twitter, and so I took some advice and took a short trip west to Wauwatosa for brunch this Sunday morning. I made plans my friend, Lisa, and we chose to check out Il Mito for brunch. I have been there for dinner before, but we wanted to see what the brunch would be like at this classic, rustic Italian restaurant.

Driving west on North Avenue through East Tosa, Il Mito sits on the south side of the street. The restaurant takes up three storefronts and is easily recognizable by the large vertical sign on top of the entrance. Walking in, the guest feels they are instantly setting foot in a Tuscan trattoria: the warm colors, linen tablecloths and dark woodwork. The host stand is the first thing a guest sees upon entering and luckily for me, there was a open table.

I sat at a table next to the window and waited for Lisa to arrive. The sun was out and so I had no issue with doing some people watching while I waited. Our server took my drink order (my usual: water, mimosa ($6.95) and coffee), and soon thereafter, Lisa entered the door looking chilled to the bone. She had walked to the restaurant, since she lives in the neighborhood. The attentive server approached the table and took Lisa's drink order as well. She ordered a bloody mary ($8.95) with no shrimp garnish.  Our drinks were delivered to the table, and we were both really surprised! My mimosa is made with fresh-squeezed orange juice and the champagne is poured in the glass table side. There was even enough champagne left over for a refill and a half. Lisa's bloody mary was made with three different vodkas: normal Absolut, a cucumber-infused vodka and a pepper-infused vodka. Lisa was very happy with the flavor and amount of heat and spice. The drink was garnished with olives, a mushroom and slices of lemon and lime. As a chaser, there was a small bottle of Miller High Life. This was one of the most intricate drink combinations I have seen for a brunch. We looked over the menu and decided what we wanted to try on this outing.

We ordered and waited for the food to be delivered. A couple minutes later our server brought out a small basket of bread and a plate of butter. But this was not just a brick of yellow paste on a plate. This was cinnamon butter with strawberry syrup drizzled over it. The bread triangles were the perfect size for smearing some of this "dessert butter" on and taking two or three bites before needing more. Lisa and I agreed: this small treat before brunch was an exciting way to get our interest perked about our entrees if this was the starter plate.

A short time later, when the cinnamon butter plate was thoroughly cleaned of any reminisce of the tasty treat, our server arrived with our food. Lisa decided on the Bacon Pizza ($9.95). This twelve-inch pizza took up the entire plate (and frame as you can see). A traditional pizza in the sense of a thin crust with tomato sauce, the toppings were those of a great Florentine breakfast: roasted peppers, scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon and Fontana cheese. The crust was a little too crunchy for my taste, but the sauce was spectacular—slightly sweet and the roasted peppers helped bring it out even more. The thinly sliced potatoes did add a nice earthy taste to the smokey bacon flavor. The eggs were nicely cooked as well: not too soggy, but not too dry. This was a great suggestion by our server, and even though Lisa was a little skeptical after order it, she definitely wanted to save some to take home for later.

I had chosen the Smoked Chicken Frittata ($10.95). This dish is heads and shoulders above a traditional scrambled eggs dish. The fresh asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes were mouth-watering additions to the eggs. It tasted as if they had been picked out of the garden and thrown into this dish. Great flavors. The goat cheese also provided surprising punches of flavors with each bite. Topped with roasted potatoes and bacon and served with a side of fruit (not pictured) this frittata is a must-try if you visit Il Mito for brunch.

If you are looking for a great brunch outside of downtown, you must have Il Mito on your list. For a little more than $20 per person, this restaurant is a great place to visit after Sunday services or with your family. Located on North Avenue in Wauwatosa, there is plenty of street parking or even a city parking lot across the block. So, don't pack your bags for Italy for a Sunday brunch, visit Il Mito and be prepared for a delicious meal.

Until next weekend, have a great week and happy brunching!

What have been your experiences at Il Mito? What are some other good entrees? Respond below in the comments!

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Il Mito (***½)
6917 West North Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53213
(414) 443-1414

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Brunch hours:
Sunday: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Atmosphere: *** (pretty good)
High-end Italian restaurant feel without being stuffy and snobby

Food: **** (very good)
A rustic Italian take on brunch

Service: *** (pretty good)
Friendly and knowledgeable about the menu

Drinks: ****½
Mimosa - **** (very good)
Bloody Mary - ****½ (very good)

Price: *** (pretty good)
A little more than $20 per person with some leftovers.

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