Fast Food Brunch?

Browsing around the internet, looking for links to share on Twitter, I came across an interesting story on It talked about how Burger King is testing out brunch in select markets on the East Cost. (Read the full story) I thought to myself, "Really? Burger King has the ability to sell mimosas and bloody marys in their burger joints?" Diving in a bit deeper into the story...
The fast-food chain is testing brunch fare in Massachusetts and Florida, and depending on its success there, it may be rolled out nationally.

The menu is set to feature a breakfast sandwich of eggs, cheese, tomato, ham, bacon and smoky tomato sauce served on Ciabatta bread, Whoppers (which are not usually available in the morning) and the BK Mimosa—a nonalcoholic version of the classic cocktail with Sprite standing in for the traditional champagne.
What is happening to the food in our country? Are the big burger chains really hurting in this economy where they need to take over, yet another one of our meals?

On to this Friday's question: If Burger King (or any other fast food chain) would start offering brunch in the Milwaukee area, would you check it out? And could it replace the ritual Sunday morning affairs that our city loves?

Respond below in the comments to voice your opinion. Have a great, yet rainy, Friday, and happy brunching with mom this weekend!
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