Where are Milwaukee's Best Patios?

This week has been an interesting one as far as weather is concerned. I heard the statement: "Wisconsin: the only state where you can have all four seasons in one week (sometimes in one day)." This week just proved that—summer-like weather for Brewers Opening Day on Monday to snow on Thursday morning. One thing that keeps me going is to know that summer is right around the corner.

As I look around Facebook and Twitter, I see messages from restaurants letting people know when their patios are opening. For Milwaukeeans, we know that once the temperature gets above 50ยบ, restaurants seem to throw a table anywhere outside and call it a patio!

On to Friday's Question: Which Milwaukee restaurant has the best patio?

There are some imitations (tables crammed on a tiny sidewalk), but there are some awesome patios out there in the city! I want to know which one is your favorite. Leave your suggestions in the comments below to let others know where you enjoy to dine outside! It may help me decide where to go to brunch this summer, so I can check them out!

Update (4/20/2010): I have found OnMilwaukee.com's Outdoor Dining Guide for the city. It looks like there are some great places to check out this summer. Have a look!

Update (6/13/2010): Just so you know, I have created my Top 10 list on Third Coast Digest's site. Do you agree with this list? Would you want to add some other place?
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