What is Your Favorite Brunch Outside of Downtown?

I have been having some great conversations lately with people regarding brunch, and one question that always asked of me is: "Do you ever get out of downtown for brunch?" I am honest when I respond by saying, "I don't know of many brunches outside of the downtown area."

On to this Friday's Question: What is a good place for brunch west of Miller Park? North of Capitol? South of National?

I will promise to try to get to all of these places mentioned in the coming months! Also you can check out "The List" of places on Facebook I still need to check out. In the mean time, get out and enjoy the sun this weekend! Find a great restaurant for brunch and settle down and relax. you deserve it!

Have a great day and happy brunching!

p.s. - Happy "Foursquare" day to those that foursquare as much as I do. And those that don't know, four squared is sixteen. So, foursquare, the social media/networking application, has made up a holiday for all of it's users, and it's today, 4/16.
Willing to go?