What is Your Favorite Brunch Entree?

First off, I wanted to thank Alison Sherwood (@postcollegecook) of the blog Post-College Kitchen on JSOnline for the mention this week. I recommend following her on Twitter or be sure to subscribe to her blog on JSOnline. For the new readers, I really hope you enjoy the brunch reviews!

On to this Friday's question: What is your favorite brunch entree? What is that craving you have when you wake up on a Saturday or Sunday morning that can only be satisfied at your local brunch spot?

Personally for me, an amazing eggs benedict or a succulent steak and eggs dish is what I crave at times. Pair those with the potatoes from Brocach (I loved them that much) and a mimosa, and I am in heaven for the rest of the day. Lately, I have been enjoying other items on the menu, but on the days when I am not "on the job," those are always my favorites.

Leave a comment, let me know what you crave on weekend mornings, and where is the best place to go in Milwaukee to statisfy that hunger!

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Have an awesome (and safe) weekend, and enjoy your brunch!
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